Young Leaders Forum

Monday, June 10, 2019 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM Huahai Meeting Room 1&2, PwC Shanghai Office, Level 11, PricewaterhouseCoopers Center, Link Square 2, 202 Hubin Road, Shanghai Young Leaders Group members only
Separate registration required


1600-1605  Welcome remarks
Abel Xu, Director, Huhan Advisory

1605-1630  Keynote Address
Keqing Wang, Co-Founder, MetroData Tech (MDT)
Allen Feng, Head of Marketing & Partner, MetroData Tech (MDT)

The urban landscape is rapidly changing, influencing not only who will live in cities, but also spurring changes in the industries and professions that shape them. A decade and half from now, what kinds of people will live, work, grow, love, and learn in Asia’s metropolitan areas? What types of organisations, companies and services are best-positioned to serve city residents? Through careful observation, big data, and future-casting, we can see some of these trends taking hold today. Fifteen years from now, who will still be around? Between now and then, how can these stakeholders of the future influence cities and corporations, to ensure that human communities continue to thrive?

1630-1710  Panel 1: Re-Use, Re-Generation, Re-Imagination—Living Heritage for the 21st Century
Governments increasingly recognise heritage and traces of the past as factors that keep a city unique. However, efforts to preserve iconic architecture and historical neighborhoods can also clash with economic imperatives that emphasise fast growth and high returns. Between the poles of “freezing the city as a museum” and “demolishing to build new projects” what are the options that keep cities lively, authentic, and accessible? Can urban regeneration ensure that heritage remains important in people’s everyday lives? This panel explores how adaptive reuse projects, placemaking, and initiatives link to tangible architecture with intangible art and culture, can all promote economic and social vibrancy, while safeguarding a city’s identity for present and future generations.

Nanjun Hou, Associate Vice President, GIC, YLG Shanghai Organizing Committee Member

Tony Chen, Managing Partner, Bailian Fashion Fund, Bailian Group
Shinsuke Nuriya, COO of Crowd Realty and YLG Chair, Japan
Yijia Dong, Director of Urban Regeneration Center of Shuishi Design
Yu-ning Hwang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Planner, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore

1710-1725  Tea Break

1725-1805  Panel 2: Cities Coming of Age—Millennials and Their Impact on Design, Work, and the Urban Environment
Media reports frequently point to millennials—a rough designation for those born after 1983—as a “unique” generation. They have aspirations, beliefs, and habits that differ greatly from the generations that came before. Growing up as digital natives and coming of age during turbulent economic times, Millennials also have a keen sense of idealism and social justice. They have been criticised for being soft under pressure or unrealistic, but are also lauded for being creative, empathetic, tenacious, and entrepreneurial. In many countries, the oldest Millennials are beginning to invest in property and shape their communities. As these young professionals mature into investors, developers, and active citizens, how will their preferences intersect with the real estate industry? How can companies respond to Millennial outlooks on urban living, community building, and public participation? Professionals from product design, architecture, investment and co-working will share perspectives on how to understand and integrate Millennial sensibilities into your work.

Kevin Hsu, Assistant Director, Centre for Liveable Cities and Research Fellow, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore

Lisa Xue, Designer, IDEO
Mikko Barranda, Associate Director, Leechiu Property Consultants
Jennifer Husman, Associate, Architectus
Qiao Yu, General Manager, Pamfleet Shanghai

1805-1840  Mentorship Circles
Bill Lee, Senior Director, Proptech Investments and Real Estate Development, Gaw Capital
Bob Pratt, Managing Director Co-Head of Global Design & Construction—China, Tishman Speyer
Carrie Liu, Managing Director, China Life Capital
Di Yao, Head of Legal – Shanghai, Google
Edwin Lee, Executive Vice President, Glumac
Henri Fruchet, Managing Director & Associate Partner, Kokaistudios
Jinglei Chen, Executive Diretor & Founding Member, BEI Capital
Joburt Betadam, Principal and Senior Vice President, HKS
Sally Sun, Assurance Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian LLP
Susan Sun
, Managing Director, Real Assets, Morgan Stanley

1840-1910  Urban Innovation Ideas Competition Winner Presentation

1910-1915  Closing remarks
Kevin Hsu, Assistant Director, Centre for Liveable Cities and Research Fellow, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore

1915-2000  Networking Reception

The Forum is complimentary and open to all ULI Young Leaders Group (YLG) members only. Online registration deadline: Tuesday 4 June 2019.


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