Test your system: The roundtable is conducted via Zoom Meeting. It takes less than a minute to check that your connection, audio, and video are good. It will be distracting for all participants when people come on at the last minute and then have AV issues that could have been sorted in advance.

Show up: If you commit to attend, please do log in promptly and name yourself using the name you used to register to the summit. This will make it easier for the organizer to recognize you.

Prepare: Come prepared to contribute to the discussion. Or with clear questions you want answers to.

Stay tuned in: Turn your CAMERA ON – you wouldn’t sit in a meeting hidden behind a curtain, please don’t blank your screen when attending a virtual roundtable.

Avoid distractions: Becoming preoccupied with other things whilst online is distracting for others. Stay on TOPIC.

Rules of engagement: The roundtables are recorded for note-taking purpose. Chatham House Rules apply – you can quote what was said, just not WHO said it.

Thank you in advance for observing these guidelines. We hope you find the session valuable.