Explore innovative and unique developments from Asia Pacific, led by the experts who developed each project. Through a mix of live and on-demand virtual experiences, you will gain behind-the-scenes insights and interact with the developers as if you were there in person.

Live Virtual Tour of Burwood Brickworks
Melbourne, Australia

As the first retail development in the world to target the Living Building Challenge® (LBC®) certification, Frasers Property Australia’s Burwood Brickworks is on track to be the world’s most sustainable shopping centre. Considered as the most rigorous green-building standard in the market, the LBC® goes beyond a checklist of current best practices to rate buildings based on a series of performance goals and empower project teams to find creative design solutions. A Living Building is one that gives more than it takes, leaves a positive legacy on the site it occupies, and operates efficiently. The Brickworks is naturally powered, with all electricity consumed sourced from renewable resources, with the surplus generation going back into the grid, complete with an urban rooftop farm. Aside from undertaking Living Building Certification, the Burwood Brickworks is a quality centre that offers an abundance of wellbeing benefits for those who use it. Don’t miss this virtual tour of Burwood Brickworks, which defies both the architectural and cultural expectations of the retail arena.

Live Virtual Tour of Clark

Once the largest U.S. military airbase outside the United States, Clark has transformed into a vibrant city where business, leisure, wellness and adventure thrive. By design, Clark is set to become the next hub for business, aviation, and tourism in the northern part of the Philippines, with the Clark Freeport Zone and the Clark International Airport driving the growth by providing massive infrastructure support and connectivity. Meanwhile, the latest greenfield development, New Clark City, is leading the way for people to live, work, play and thrive in a smart, green and sustainable environment. 

The live virtual tour highlights how all of these come into play and contribute to the bright future of the community that is taking shape in Clark, led by the national government through the Bases Conversion and Development Authority, in partnership with leading urban planners, developers, and architects from the private sector. 

Live Virtual Tour of Otemachi-One
Tokyo, Japan

Otemachi-One is the largest mixed-use development in Tokyo’s Otemachi district. Encompassing 357,700 square meters spread across two towers, the project brings offices, retail, a Four Seasons Hotel, and new public space to the edge of the Imperial Palace in a bustling urban center. Through this prominent location, Otemachi-One accentuates Tokyo’s history while communicating the city’s position at the forefront of technology and innovation. The shorter tower – a 160-meter-tall building – faces the palace, and responds to the historic building through its scale and through a materiality that is attuned to the neighboring structures. Its detailing is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship and woodworking techniques, and is modernized by a granite and glass cladding. Conversely, the taller tower, which rises 200 meters, embodies the aesthetic of contemporary Japan, with a facade of glass and steel. Public amenities include a basement-level commercial area offering a variety of retail and restaurants, as well as health and wellness services for the building’s tenants. At ground level, a 6,000-square-meter plaza with a reflecting pool and native plants accommodates outdoor programming, and represents the largest green space in the district. In this exclusive virtual tour, the project team will take you through scenes of one of Tokyo’s most important developments.

On-Demand Virtual Tour of Toranomon Hills Mori Tower
Tokyo, Japan

Explore an immersive, 360-degree virtual tour of The Toranomon Hills complex, which is dramatically reshaping business, residential and retail as a transit-oriented development adjacent to Japan’s central government district, Kasumigaseki. The entire project offers a dynamic new retail and dining experience along with premium office, residences and a hotel, and is infused with a green network of sustainable design and plantings. One of the biggest features of the newly opened 36-storey Business Tower is ARCH, an innovative membership-based incubator facility where Japan’s major corporations can develop and launch new business ventures. Besides the existing Mori Tower and Business Tower, two new towers named the Residential Tower and the Station Tower are planned to open by 2022 and 2023. 

Available from 24 May 2021.