Professor of Urban Planning and Design

Seok Jeong is a Professor of Urban Planning and Design at University of Seoul. Before joining UOS in 2014, Professor Jeong had taught urban design at Kyungwon(Gachon) University for 7 years and previously had served as a Senior Researcher of Seoul Institute for 13 years. He received an BE in Urban Engineering, ME and Ph.D in urban design from Seoul National University.

Professor Jeong’s current research interests focus on participatory community design, conservation and regeneration of historic districts, and Northeast Asian Cities. He has published on several topics including ‘conservation policies and guidelines for Bukchon and Insadong historic districts,’ ‘conservation and management system of Seoul City Wall,’ ‘case studies on the conservation policies in Chinese historic cities including Beijing and Nanjing,’ ‘developing manuals for participatory community design,’ etc. He also published books titled “I Like Genuine Cities better than Eye-catching Cities(2013)” and “Finding Our Cities: Urban Humanities for Happy Life(2016)”

Speaking at the Following:

Jun 5

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Back to the Future – Heritage as a Catalyst for Urban Regeneration

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

What are governments in Asia doing to protect historic sites, and what does this mean for redevelopment of urban areas where significant amounts of heritage sites still survive?