Senior Policy Officer, Strategy, Planning and Innovation
Infrastructure NSW

Kate is passionate about joining the dots between digital, built and natural environments to create a more resilient and equitable Australia. She does this through both quantitative and qualitative methods across scales (from atomic to state wide), across property and infrastructure and stages in portfolio and asset lifecycle.

Kate’s career has spanned numerous facets of the asset lifecycle from strategy, advisory and policy development, strategic and urban planning, engineering design, delivery and remediation of existing assets. Kate has experience in the engineering design of large scale transport engineering projects in traditional delivery models as well as alliance structures. Kate completed her PhD in experimental and computational nanotechnology, with research published in well regarded papers, and expertise in software engineering and data analytics.

Outside of work, Kate is a passionate Engineers without Borders Australia and Urban Land Institute member and STEM educator. Kate is currently undertaking a Masters in City Analytics at the University of New South Wales.

Speaking at the Following:

May 17

Monday, May 17, 2021

Young Leaders Group Forum ‘Guidelines for the Future – Sustainable Leadership for a World in Transition’

6:00pm – 8:00pm

The Summit’s Young Leaders Group (YLG) Forum will be a unique event bringing together real estate professionals under the age of 35.