Founder and CEO
Architecture 2030

Edward Mazria is an internationally renowned architect, author, researcher, and educator. His seminal research into urbanization, climate change, sustainability, and energy in the built environment has redefined and dramatically expanded the role of architecture, planning, design, and building in reshaping our world. He is the founder and CEO of Architecture 2030, a think tank developing real-world solutions for 21st century problems.

His innovative architecture, planning projects, and research, programs, and advocacy with Architecture 2030, has garnered him numerous awards including: Lifetime Achievement Award, The Purpose Prize, Mumford Award from Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility, National Wildlife Federation National Conservation Achievement Award, Game Changers Award from Metropolis Magazine, American Solar Energy Society Pioneer and Horace Greely Abbot Awards, World Green Building Council Chairman’s Award, AIA Kemper Award, Lifetime Achievement Awards from the National Council for Science and the Environment and Design Futures Council, Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization’s President Award, and the 2021 AIA Gold Medal, to name a few.

Recognized for outstanding architecture and planning work, his firm received AIA design and design innovation awards and the American Planning Association Award.

Speaking at the Following:

May 21

Friday, May 21, 2021

ESG Forum

10:00am – 12:35pm

The forum will focus on the continued progress, developments and integration of ESG in commercial real estate across the Asia Pacific.