The safety and well-being of our Summit attendees is our top priority. In these extraordinary times, we have measures in place to protect your well-being and ensure we convene in a safe environment. We will have the highest standards of safety and care from start to finish. Here you will find a detailed look at the steps we have taken to keep you safe.


Complete your health declaration

All attendees are required to submit a health declaration. For your convenience, you can complete the form any time before you arrive. Fill up your form here.

Check travel restrictions

For international attendees, we recommend checking the entry requirements for Japan prior to your flight. Visit the Japan Travel Advisory page for latest updates.


Temperature screening

All guests undergo temperature screening when entering Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Hotel and ULI staff undergo temperature checks daily on arrival.

Protective equipment

All staff wear masks and follow safety standards mandated by local authorities.

Mask usage is mandatory while on the property except when eating or drinking, including within conference spaces and outdoor areas of the hotel. Please obtain a doctor’s letter of exemption if you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons.

Hand sanitisers

Hand disinfectant dispensers are installed in key locations around the hotel.

Safe distancing

Guests are required to practice social distancing while on the property.

Each elevator may be used by up to four guests at a time.

Seating capacity is limited and conference rooms have socially-distanced layouts. Alcohol wipes are provided at strategic locations within conference spaces.

Registration is spaced out to avoid bunching, and markers placed on the ground to help everyone keep a safe distance from each other.

Meal services

Enhanced hygiene measures are put in place during breaks. You will enjoy plated or bento meals in place of a buffet service during coffee breaks and lunches. Attendees will be seated individually or in small groups to allow for social distancing.

Staff wear gloves when preparing and plating dishes. The hotel has implemented a sanitation alarm system that alerts kitchen staff to wash hands and replace gloves every 30 minutes. All work stations and equipment are sanitised every hour. An enhanced food delivery system is in place so vendors do not enter the hotel facilities when delivering supplies. Regular hygiene checks are conducted on kitchen and banquet staff to ensure the highest standard of safety and cleanliness.

Enhanced cleaning

Cleaning frequencies are increased in banquet spaces and all public spaces, and high-grade disinfectants applied to high-touch surfaces.

Cleaner air

Ventilation systems in all event spaces have been upgraded, and air-conditioning and circulation in banquet rooms take in 100% of its air from outside.

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19

Given the ongoing pandemic, ULI takes a very serious view of the health and safety of its members. Everyone must play their part in protecting themselves and other attendees at the Summit, especially those who have not been vaccinated or have a compromised immune system.

ULI and hotel staff have steps in place to secure attendees who might be feeling sick when they arrive at the event. Please alert ULI staff if you feel unwell on arrival at the Summit.